The Search Installation

There is no future. Unless we abandon earth.

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Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark, 13.9 2018 - 19.1 2019
By Michael Madsen & Jonathan Houser

Will you volunteer to save humanity? The Search is an interactive installation where you can test if your personality is fit to travel into outer space in search of new, habitable planets when life on earth is no longer possible. The installation and its scenography is also part of the film project The Search. Viewed together, the project expands different scenarios that try to come to terms with the consequences of man’s limited time here on earth in light of for example climate change, overpopulation and natural catastrophes.

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Take with you, and explore, a virtual copy of the Navigation Room onboard the spacecraft of The Search.

Best viewed outdoors.


Curious about the spacecraft of The Search? Take a look a 3D conceptual diagram.

Pinch to zoom and drag a finger to move.


Get a sense of scale with a scaled-down slice through the spacecrafts hull (real height 360 meters).

Tap your screen to cycle through various conceptual sections.

Best viewed outdoors.

“My fear is our lack of imagination. You and I cannot imagine the extinction of humankind, and because of that, human life on Earth is already lost”

Michael Madsen, director

The Search

film and transmedia project

One day soon, men and women will leave planet Earth and join The Search. They will travel through space with the purpose of finding a new Earth. Their hope is to rescue humankind from the inevitable consequences of climate change, overpopulation, political chaos and wars.

The Search is a film as well as a transmedia project. It explores the challenges of a space mission setting out to save humankind and it exposes you to one fundamental question: would you give up your life on Earth for a higher purpose?

What are the fundamental values of present day life and society, which must be preserved beyond the downfall of human civilization on Earth? If you join The Search, you will meet challenges which no-one has experienced since the early hunter-gatherer societies. The Search takes humankind’s history full circle, and before you volunteer, you must understand the price of salvation.

Director’s Statement

I am a documentary filmmaker occupied with questions of what film is and what it can be.

I do not believe that our reality constitutes a stable and fixed entity, which is at hand in a simple and direct way waiting to be documented by me. I think reality is shaped by the way it is interpreted and I want to explore what that reality can be.

The Search is the third and concluding part of my Trilogy on Mankind, a series of films that explore the Unknown and thereby give a glimpse of the terra incognita of Western self-perception.

In the first film, Into Eternity, the audience is put in the position of a guest from the distant future, witnessing the creation of the world’s first permanent deposit for nuclear waste in Finland. The waste must be stored foolproof for hundred thousand years, but the question smoldering inside the highly radioactive deposit is, if we humans can trust ourselves? In the second film, THE VISIT, the audience is put in the position of a fictional Alien from outer space. The persons whom the Alien encounters throughout the film, act in their professional functions as representatives of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, Downing Street 10, scientific institutions etc., and the film examines how we react when facing the Unknown and the uncertain.

The new film, The Search, will be rooted in the reality of modern world’s challenges - climate change, over-population and political conflict. The audience is invited to take part in the only possible solution: a mission searching for a new home for humankind somewhere in the Unknown of the endless universe. The Search is not only a film, it is also a transmedia project exploring new narrative territory and shaping a hitherto unknown audience contact.

Michael Madsen, September 2018, Earth

“My child. There are no more dreams about Earth. Since ages, no one travels back in their sleep. Why do you think it is so? Perhaps there is no human life left on Earth? My child, I believe, we are now the last of our Kind”

From the script of The Search

For more information about The Search, the installation at Louisiana or Participation:

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Statens Kunstfond
Dreyers Fond
Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond
Statens Værksteder for Kunst

Spatial design, interface and Augmented Reality: Feileacán McCormick (DARK FRACTURES)

Graphic design: Jakob Thorbek

Programming: Lau Futtrup Rasmussen

Sound Design: Øivind Weingaarde

Construction: Bendix Carabetta, Sarah Wiener

Dramaturgy: Jesper Bergmann

Cinematography: Peter Hammer / Heikki Färm

Space Social Psychologist: Sheryl Bishop